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Welcome to Manson’s GeoQuest, a geocaching treasure hunt that will show you more of what our town has to offer! Follow the Manson Scenic Loop on the North Shore of Lake Chelan and visit places you might otherwise not know about. Great photo opportunities await you on this Quest!


There are eight caches for you to find. To get started, download the GeoQuest Passport.

Also, here’s a handy bookmark list of the eight caches.

If you have never geocached before, you will need to set up a free account on where the cache pages with coordinates and clues are located. To locate the caches you will need a GPS device: a dedicated GPS unit or a geocaching app on a GPS-enabled smartphone. Once you navigate to a cache location, look for the hidden container. The cache pages may offer hints to help you. When you locate the container, sign the physical logbook and trade trinkets if you like. Then share your experience by posting a log to the cache’s web page.


If you find all eight caches and complete your passport, you can win a trackable Cachekinz tag. Allow 2-3 weeks for prize delivery.


  • Find each geocache and use its ink stamp to mark the appropriate circle on the passport.

  • Many caches are on private property with permission, so please respect residents, guests, and surroundings.

  • In addition to logging your finds, share your adventures online using #MansonGeoQuest.

  • Mail your completed passport to the address below to receive the trackable Cachekinz prize.

  • One Cachekinz per family or household.


Manson GeoQuest

6947 Coal Creek Pkwy SE

PMB 732

Newcastle, WA 98059


Here’s a map of the geocache locations, which is also on the passport. Along the way, you may discover other geocaches.


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