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Meat in the Street

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

On Saturday, March 25, 2023, the smokey, delicious smell in downtown Manson lured locals, visitors and everyone in between outside of My Buddy’s Place for the seventh (it actually started nine years ago, but COVID…) annual Meat in the Street Chicken Wing extravaganza. Seven teams had grills, ovens and sous vide cookers working all morning to prepare chicken wings for the four independent judges and those lucky enough to score tickets who got to taste and enjoy.

Ray Medina, owner of My Buddy’s Place, supplied each team with chicken wings that they could enhance with sauce, spices, and secret ingredients. All sizes of barbecue grills lined the street in front of My Buddy’s, including Will Poppie’s grill that had been used by his grandfather on a ship during World War II! Ray was excited about the event saying it was “A great way to kick start the spring and summer.”

After hours of cooking, it was Mike Neudofer’s sauce-covered wings that earned him the judges’ first place win. The winner’s name will be engraved on a plaque hanging inside My Buddy’s Place. It was Mike’s first entry into the event!

Finishing second in the judges’ poll was the team of Allison Flaten, Josh Flaten, Nick Scarsorie, and Melissa Wuerl with their honey chipotle wings. Sam Beasley, John Frolker, Cole Beazley, and Charlie Brown finished third using a new and secret recipe. Sam’s team used a grill Sam built from old fuel tanks and that is big enough to hold 750 chicken wings.

The popular vote was based on voting by those lucky enough to get a ticket and a plate full of wings to taste and judge. Winning the popular vote was Sam and team. The second place vote went to the five-person Anderson team with dad Bruce Anderson, sons Russell and Marlyn, baby grandson Waylon, joined by Jim Williams. Tony Zuluaga and Cappy Peterson finished third in the popular vote category, dishing out their Thai wings.

People lingered long after the winners were announced and the raffle prizes given out. The weather looked threatening for awhile but the rain stayed away, making the day memorable for all involved.

By Barbara Sovde

Community Volunteer

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