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Alchemy Yoga & Massage

The Manson Chamber of Commerce is delighted to showcase Chamber member,

Alchemy Yoga & Massage, the first business at “The Point” mall located at 94

Wapato Point Parkway in Manson. They opened their doors at Alchemy Yoga &

Massage in July 2022, the Manson Chamber of Commerce will take part in the

grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday - July 1st 2023.

Also very excited is Alchemy Yoga & Massage owner, Amber Moore. Amber is a

local girl, third generation in the Chelan valley, and graduated from Manson High

School. Growing up, Amber was very active in local 4-H and FFA chapters. She

continues to show horses throughout the West Coast, as an adult. When not

working, Amber enjoys hiking, camping and time with her family. Amber and

husband, Jeremy, were blessed with their first baby on November 11th, 2022. This

is the reason for the grand opening delay, Amber was very busy with a new baby,

Adeline and evolving business!

Amber has a long list of accomplishments since high school. She graduated from

the Academy of Hair Design obtaining her professional licensing in Cosmetology.

In 2013 Amber studied with John Paul Mitchell Systems to become one of their

national/international educators, ultimately having the opportunity to travel

extensively, educating other professionals in the industry in small salon settings to

the big stage, with thousands in attendance. Amber has completed 750+ hours of

yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, Peru and locally. In 2020, after completion of

training and testing, Amber became a Licensed Massage Therapist.

I asked Amber what her favorite thing about living in the Lake Chelan valley. “It’s

home! I have traveled the world teaching, learning and enjoying my adventures,

but there’s nothing quite like returning to our valley and having that deep seeded

feeling of home.”

Amber, why did you choose the name Alchemy Yoga & Massage? “Alchemy is the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes by means that cannot be explained.” This translation speaks to me in a multitude of ways, professionally and my personal life. My businesses have evolved over the last thirteen years from Deep Water Salon & Spa, Yoga Pravaha, and now Alchemy Yoga & Massage. This beautiful, diverse community that has blossomed out of this thirteen-year transition. Secondly, within Alchemy Yoga & Massage there are many individuals coming together, where alone we each have our strengths, as we knit together, within this space, we are witnessing little glimpses of how extraordinary this opportunity will be for each of us.”

Alchemy Yoga & Massage is different than most business. It’s best described as a

Co-Op, as each person is an independent business with their own set of skills to

bring to the space. Each massage therapist is bookable online or by phone, at their

own websites with links on Alchemy Yoga & Massage website. Yoga classes are

easy for sign up via their website and the MindBody app available at the Apple

Store on your IPhone.

There is something for everyone at Alchemy Yoga & Massage with a variety of

massage treatments, Yoga and meditation classes and a variety of wellness events.

Here’s a current list of people using the Alchemy Yoga & Massage space.

Licensed Massage Therapists





Registered Yoga & Breathwork Teachers










For appointment inquiries and booking, visit their website At the website you can book with each therapist

individually or find our Yoga classes and events. For general business inquiries,

you can text or call Amber at 509-670-7546 or email

By Community Volunteer

Norm Manly

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