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Chelan Valley Heating and Cooling

Chelan Valley Heating and Cooling joined the Manson Chamber of Commerce and

open its doors June 2022. They are located at 300 South Quetilquasoon Road #5,

across from the Manson Bay Market. Creating a comfortable climate is what

CVHC specializes in. They are in business to help solve your problems and help

you get the most out of their products and extend the life of your investments.

“At Chelan Valley Heating and Cooling (CVHC) we focus on our customers,

providing great products and celebrated customer service. We strive continually to

offer excellent communication between our staff, suppliers and our valued

customers. We are on a five-year plan to not only offer HVAC (Heating Venting Air

Conditioning) but a one-stop shop, offering electrical, plumbing and gas,” said

owner, Bart Pollard.

Bart Pollard was born in the Ellensburg area and lived in Spokane and Bellevue

and Kirkland before graduating from Lake Washington High School in 2002. Like

many other graduating seniors, Bart did not have a plan for his future. He made the

decision to attend Bellevue College, taking general courses. “Even after my college

years, I could not zero in on a profession that excited me. The best thing that

happened during my college years, I met Jill, my wife.” Bart said.

In 2006, Bart was encouraged to explore a program through the International

Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), the Puget Sound JATC program that

provide opportunities to “earn while you learn,” through paid on-the-job training,

along with classroom instruction. This was a five-year commitment for Bart and

for the first time he felt he had found his calling. Bart began the apprenticeship

program in 2007 and completed the program in 2012. During those five years Bart

attended classroom instruction three months followed by three months on the job

training, then repeat the process. “I totally believe the trades are a perfect fit for

some students. It opened the door to my life’s work and I’m grateful,” Bart said.

With nothing to tie them down, Bart, Jill and the kids packed up and moved to

Kauai, Hawaii, a dream they both shared. There was plenty of electrical work

available and Bart worked for several companies, increasing his knowledge of all

things electrical. In 2019 they made the decision to move back stateside but didn’t

want to live on the westside of the mountains. Chelan was their number one pick.

The Pollard’s opened Goldie’s, a smoothie, Açaí bowl and health food café in

Chelan, November 2020. Goldie’s moto is “At Goldie’s we seek to nourish your

mind, body, and spirit through the food we make, the experiences we create, and

the wellness inspiration we share”. Jill and her business partner, Elle Manthey own

Moonpenny, a boutique next door to Goldie’s. It opened in July 2020.

The idea of opening a heating and cooling business started to take form early 2021.

“Chelan Valley Heating and Cooling was born out of desire to provide better

customer service, create well trained and well-paid trade jobs, and develop a

stronger business model. We are still a new business and still refining our

processes. I believe we are building a business our employees and the community

can truly be proud of and is reflected in our high standards,” Bart stated.

On a personal note, from Norm Manly, our heat pump quit working December

2022. We were not having much luck with repairs until I met with Sage, one of

CVHC’s technicians. He came out the same day and ordered parts and a week later

with were back in operation and a very fair price, customer service at its best!

Chelan Valley Heating and Cooling can be reached at 509-630-0780 or You can also visit their website

By Community Volunteer

Norm Manly

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